Course Info

The course will be held from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th July 2018  from 9am to 4pm at Darrell Primary School, Niton road, TW9 4LQ (click here for map). 


We offer the following high quality Ensemble & Workshops. Check our blog for a sneak preview of our forthcoming selection of pieces (


Under the guidance of a professional and friendly conductor, come and enjoy a whole week of preparing a great show.

Choir / West End Singing

Our vocal coach will get the place singing like never before in both a-capella and accompanied music.

Jazz Band

Come and play real Jazz tunes played by all the pros around the world. From Swing and Bebop to Modern Jazz and Bossa Nova , you will be exposed to extended harmonies, syncopated rhythm and improvisation.

Music Theory

Ideal time to brush up on the basics of music notation. You'll need it more than you think.

Aural skills

Often neglected during the instrumental lesson, educating your ears is far more valuable to your musicianship than just a few extra points for the graded exams.


Make your own tunes and learn how music is crafted. From Bach to Adele, the recipe is nearly the same!


Not just for Jazzmen or Rock guitarists. Improvisation has always been a skill of the great composers. Set yourself free from the score and let your ears guide you.

Music Appreciation

Who was Zipoli? What is Serial music? How do you tune an Oud? A comprehensive tour of musical genres, famous composers and less travelled instruments.


Last but not least. Morning finger and lips warm-up session for everyone, including the teachers!